Kibo Code Review – A Unique Style of e-Commerce Course By Aidan & Steve Clayton?

In this Kibo Code review, I am going to reveal some true facts I found during my research about the Kibo Code course.

The Kibo Code Review – Is It Worth Joining Aidan Booth’s Course?

The Kibo Code Program will be launched in January 2020. This is a pre-launch review of the Kibo Code Course.

Kibo Code Review

What really is the Kibo Code E-Commerce Course?

The Kibo code is the professionally designed training system by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth. This training lasts for just 8 weeks and shows people how to make money using e-commerce. It is a program that helps you make money, comparatively faster than many other programs that I have come across. This product is not yet launched. But it is potent and has an extraordinary capability to outperform well in the online market. The launch date of this product has not yet confirmed, but you can expect it to be launched in January 2020. Getting early access to the contents of this product, I am very excited to take the actual online course. Kibo Code has an exceptional e-commerce business strategy which is different from any other online course. It doesn’t include any:

  • Involvement of Amazon
  • Dealing with warehouses
  • Involving in foreign supplies
  • Facebook advertisements
  • Dealing with inventory

It is crafted for every guy who wants to make easy money online without any initial monetary requirement. KIBO CODE is easy to understand, written most straightforwardly. I guarantee you this strategy is going to rule the Ecom business; I have never seen this level of specialized content anywhere else in the market.

Product Name Kibo Code
Creator Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton
Official website Click here
Launch Date January 2020
Price $3497
Type of product Online Training Program


Why Should You Enroll in the Kibo Code Program?

If you are the one who wants a side business and unable to start any, this program will help you start your own business online and after spending an ample amount of time and work in this business you can make 10 times more money than your regular job or business.

Kibo code has one of the easiest and simplest business models for you. This course will also teach you about the obstacles that you may face during your early startups and how to remove them. Kibo code will help you to make a unique business online. If anyone not sure about enrolling in the program can check for Kibo Code reviews online to get a clear idea about the product.

What has Included in Kibo Code 8 Week Training?

This course includes all the simple tips and techniques to make an SEO rich content for your website and also gives you in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. This product gives you knowledge about how to pick the products that outperform well in the future and gives you higher profit margins and also tells you about how to pick your valuable customers by the means of e-mails and SMS. Your site is going to maximize sales of the product by trying different marketing methods and techniques that are opted by professionals.

Following are the tasks you can do on your completion of course:

  • You have complete knowledge about how to pick a cheap and popular domain name for a reasonable price, you are also provided with helping tools for the same.
  • ​In this course you will learn how to pick profitable products using the software; this is the key element that decides how much you will earn. There are over 3 million products online and the software will help you find the best one in no time.
  • ​​You will learn how to load up your website with these amazing product listing and make profits out of it.
  • ​After completing the course you will be able to send instant traffic to the product listings using techniques taught to you in between the course.
  • The offering of this product does not end here, you will also learn how to optimize and update your website according to market needs and how to replicate the process over and over again, which will ultimately lead you towards more profit earnings.

Who is Behind Kibo Code Program?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are the mentors of this extraordinary strategy of the Kibo Code. When Aidan began his professional career, he struggled to find a job. He has a degree in Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering. Aidan Booth is from New Zealand. He was in search of a job in Buenos Aires on a tourist visa. He was rejected by interviews due to his inability to speak Spanish. Aidan started hunting for online jobs and started earning a little from affiliate marketing and paid advertising. He tried and tested new things on his website and found out what worked from him and whatnot.

Steve and Aidan Kibo code Review

Today his hard work in the field made him a successful entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Steve Clayton is an expert in planning and processing. He is the former CEO of a company that comes under– Fortune 500. Steve also specializes in affiliate marketing and e-commerce. He has excellent SEO skills and expertise in pay per click strategies.

At present, they both are working on the same product to make it easy for others also to come up and make easy money online with the help of their online course. Both of them teach about internet marketing and how to apply different techniques until they succeeded in making an SEO friendly and unique website to attract more customers. Kibo Code is the result of their hard work and dedication. Their knowledge and experience in the field are remarkable. Kibo Code has a good reputation in the market. Whoever got hands on to the contents has said positive about Kibo code. 

Kibo Code Launch Date!

This product is created so much hype in the market. All the customers of previous products from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are very excited about this strategy and want to undergo the Kibo Code training program. The expected date of launching the product is in January 2020.

Pros and Cons of the Kibo Code eCom Course!


  • Kibo Code is an exclusive E-COMMERCE training program that guides you to become successful in your online business.
  • The lessons are broken into an easy to understand topics and sub-topics; you can have a look at all those topics from anywhere you want.
  • Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are providing a bonus that includes- a business group of Kibo Code on Facebook, Guidance session for free in which you can ask your queries directly to an expert that will be held every Wednesday at 5:30 pm.
  • As a customer of The Kibo Code, you’ll receive software programs, training manuals, coaching, support, product databases and identification tools, and a community group where you stay in touch with other customers as well.
  • Steve and Aidan Kibo Code is a certified course and if you are not satisfied with this product then you can avail your refund by directly contacting the manufacturer via email or contact number.


  • This program has limited availability of course offer so grab this opportunity as soon as possible.
  • Kibo code priced around $2500 to some people it is overpriced but after completion of this course, you will be able to earn it back pretty quickly.

Who should try the Kibo Code Training?

Kibo Code is for everyone willing to learn about digital marketing and make money online with the help of simple and easy to implement techniques. This strategy is for students as well as adults who want to make some extra money from a side business.

Kibo Code Student Reviews

The program is not yet started but the previous customers of Steve and Aidan responded very well. Their previously launched programs are:

  • 100K Factory + Ultra and Revolution update – in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  • 7 Figure Cycle – commerce program released in 2018.
  • Parallel Profits.

I am a student of Steve and Aidan for the past 1 year. I have participated in the previous program on 7 Figure Cycle that was launched in 2018 and was quite impressed with the offering. All have positive reviews about all the previous programs that they both offer. 

Kibo Code Bonuses

  • You get to interact with the creator through live sessions. Not only live sessions have you had access to an FB group where you can stay in touch with other customers of the Kibo Code.
  • You will get access to 60 minutes Skype call with the manufacturer and ask them to review your website and also ask queries to them.
  • Students can clarify all your doubts from product selection to any technical issue in a live session that was organized by manufacturers every Wednesday at 5:30 pm.
  • You will also be able to attend weekly classes where you will be able to learn and share your ideas with the other student.
  • You will get SEO cookbook. This book contains answers to all your questions regarding SEO related topics and optimization of your website.
  • Good Ranking with Amazon recipe. If you want to rank your products quickly without any paid promotions this Amazon recipe book is for you. This will teach you exactly how to do it on your own! You can use the same recipe for any product listed on Amazon with little changes in scriptwriting and product description.

Kibo Code Price & Plans

Kibo code is priced for $2500; the manufacturer of this product has also opened his gates for payment paid in installments. Payment through installment will cost you around 3000$. If you are interested in buying this product you can check out the Kibo Code website.

Kibo Code Review Conclusion

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have always come up with amazing products that revolutionize Ecommerce from their easy to implement techniques. By now many people got access to only the contents of the product and all react positively about the Kibo Code review. So far they have come up with:

  • 100K Factory + Ultra and Revolution update – in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  • 7 Figure Cycle – commerce program released in 2018.
  • Parallel Profits.

All of the above is a huge success and has helped hundreds of people starting their own business online. This time also they have come up with similar but more advanced courses on building your empire online. Not just Kibo Code they are also introducing Kibo Code bonuses which are there to help you in each step.

I have previously enrolled in one of their courses and fully satisfied with their offerings and now very excited about this Kibo Code. Far recently, I was able to go through various concerns regarding the price; ‘Isn’t it too much?’, ‘How long will it take to get back my investment?? Blah Blah Blah..!’ I never persuade anyone to purchase something useless and make him fall into a pit. You may be pretty restless, as you are paying such a significant amount.

Is there any risk if I join the Kibo Code Course?

Listen, after all, what risk are you taking? How less are you going to put in when comparing to set up your store and having no guidance at all?

At least, you don’t have to work your butt off. The Kibo Code, along with its bonuses, can be charged much higher due to the guaranteed benefits you are about to get in return. I can bravely say that what you are going to put into is going to be a tiny percentage of what you are going to earn. The earnings start reflecting eventually making you take back your initial investment likely within a month.

Those who enroll for the Kibo Code 8-week training program can master how to make money by e-Commerce in a unique style, the same ways used by Aidan and Steve to earn passive income. They are indeed true masters in the e-Commerce platform, and this program crafted in such a way that even a novice can implement and earn money pretty much faster than imagined.

Kibo Code FAQ

  1. Any prerequisite knowledge required?

No there is no prerequisite knowledge required from your side, this course is for beginners and each and everything will be explained in the course.

  1. How to get a refund of money?

You just have to shoot an email to the manufacturers of the product of you are not satisfied with their offering and all your money will be refunded.

  1. How to avail Kibo Code bonus?

The entire bonus package will directly be reflected on your account once the order is being confirmed from your side.

  1. How to buy this product?

Online links are provided on the Kibo Code website one week before the starting of the program. To enroll in the program give all the necessary details that were asked by the manufacturer.

  1. Can I share the online course content with a friend?

No, you cannot have access to share your online course content with any of your friends or family member.