The Best Magento Extensions For Your Ecommerce Store

The Best Magento Extensions For Your Ecommerce Store

Magento is one of the most popular platforms to set up your Ecommerce Store. It is trusted by large brands and requires prior programming knowledge. It also has an active and large community of developers that will assist you for a fee and has its own marketplace that provides you with a wide range of features, themes, and extensions to choose from to enhance the quality of your eCommerce Store.

6 Useful Magneto Extensions For Your Ecommerce Store

The best thing about Magneto is that you can do, undo and redo until your eCommerce Store is equipped with features and extensions perfectly suited to your requirements! Useful Magneto Extensions For Your Ecommerce Store

Magento Extensions are used for various purposes such as for key sales-campaigning, tracking user’s behaviour pattern, analysing the visitor flow and shopping behaviour, to create your eCommerce store more appealing, engaging and increasing its SEO. 

Here is a carefully curated list of the best Magento Extensions for your eCommerce Store: 

  • WordPress Magento Extension

This is a free, easy to use an extension that doesn’t require any core file modification. It allows you to connect your WordPress blog with your Magento Store. The greatest thing about this extension is that no URL change is required and it doesn’t have an effect on your SEO!

  • Yotpo Magento Extension

It is no secret that product reviews and customer feedback when displayed in an engaging manner will increase the legitimacy of your eCommerce store as well as bring in more customers… and this extension lets you do exactly that!

  • ClickSend SMS Extension

Send an SMS to yourself about a placed order or to the customer to inform them about shipping details through ClickSend Extension which also lets you set the format of the message.  

  • One-Page Checkout Magento Extension

Make your eCommerce store’s checkout more user friendly by eliminating the need for the multi checkout process and simplifying all the checkout process onto just one page through One-page Checkout Magento Extension.

  • Dotmailer Magento Extension

Sync the user’s order data, wish lists, cart details, browsing behaviour while running loyalty, post-purchase, welcome, and marketing campaigns through email notifications, SMS, etc by using Dotmailer Extension.

  • Zopim Live Chat Magento Extension 

This extension lets you interact with users in real-time and uses a responsive chat widget and behavioural triggers that will engage your shoppers to navigate through your store more. Besides that, it also tracks the user’s behavioural pattern and traffic flow.

  • 3D Viewer Extension

Embedding Realistic, secure 3D models of products onto your eCommerce store will drastically increase user engagement which is all made possible by a 3D viewer Extension that also comes with its own tools. This extension is perfectly safe to use and does not require any programming knowledge which makes it easy to use as well.

It offers free and paid services as well.

  • Shipping Per Product Extension

This extension lets you calculate accurate shipping prices based on region, sets individual rates for products as well which are flexible. You can set your shipping prices through a CSV file!


Download these extensions based on the requirements to make your eCommerce Store engaging, visually appealing and interactive. These extensions will surely make the experience user-friendly, bring in more visitor flow and increase shoppers!

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