BigCommerce SEO Features And Ecommerce Success Tips!

The search for the right eCommerce platform to run your digital store on can feel like quite a daunting task, but with the numerous features that BigCommerce offers, your search can be cut down by a huge margin. Running a successful eCommerce store, regardless of the platform, boils down to what SEO strategy you have in place.

Understanding Features Of BigCommerce & Tips For Ecommerce Success

As a result, scouring for features that help you do so, and in turn, boost your business, becomes an important aspect of optimizing your digital store. So, if you too have been on the lookout for some good SEO features and tips, then here are a few that BigCommerce offers, to get you started. 

Ecommerce Success

Features Offered By BigCommerce 

  • CDN: CDN, which stands for content delivery network, is a feature offered by BigCommerce, aimed at speeding up your site. Improving your loading time ensures that your users have a wonderful experience while shopping on your site, alongside ensuring that your SEO game is on point. 
  • Unique and optimized URLs: The URL to your eCommerce store plays a huge role in determining the success of your site. Not only does the BigCommerce feature ensure that you have an easily accessible URL, but it also maintains SEO-friendly words in it, to catch the attention of search engine algorithms. Moreover, it maintains unique URLs, so that your content remains truly original. 
  • Microdata: Microdata forms quite an important aspect of improving your ranking on search engines, and BigCommerce helps you do just that by integrating your website with details like ratings and stock prices. 

Utilizing SEO fields 

Utilizing the SEO fields offered by BigCommerce is an extremely effortless process, mostly because of the simple user interface that it offers. Right from URLs to keywords, BigCommerce truly takes care of all of your SEO needs. By giving your analytical data on the density of keywords, your store is presented with a huge opportunity to capitalize on only the right keywords. These can then be integrated throughout your site, especially in the product description page, wherein BigCommerce allows you plenty of flexibility. It also provides you with an optimized URL structure, that serves the purpose of improving your rankings on search engines and making your store accessible. BigCommerce even helps you optimize the metadata on your site, thereby encouraging users to click on your store. 

Tips To Boost Your BigCommerce Store 

  • Optimizing your SEO strategy: SEO plays a pivotal role in making your BigCommerce store successful. This platform provides you with a range of apps to ensure that your SEO strategy is nothing short of the highest quality. So, ensure to do ample research on the right keywords, and pick the ones which show promising results, but do not have a very competitive market. 
  • Creating engaging content: Content marketing is one of the best ways to get ahead through your BigCommerce store. While SEO plays a huge role in content creation, you should also focus on being as engaging as possible, be it through video content creation or even through the usage of user-generated content. 
  • Making use of social media: Social media provides you with a good opportunity to promote your BigCommerce store and boost your sales. Make use of paid ad features, promote your links and collaborate with influencers, to truly make use of the social media space. 
  • Link building: Link building can be the make-or-break factor for your eCommerce business. Leverage the presence of any broken links, promote your links on trusted social media sites, keep a close eye on the link-building strategy of your competitors, et cetera, to truly harness the power of link-building for your eCommerce store. 


BigCommerce offers you a plethora of SEO features, and making use of them strategically, is impertinent for the growth of your business. Moreover, you may also follow the above-mentioned tips to truly ensure that the only way your BigCommerce store is going, is up. 


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