Ecommerce And Online Sales During COVID

Ecommerce And Online Sales During COVID-19: All You Needs To Know!

The covid-19 pandemic was a paradigm-shifting occurrence, that forced us to rethink many of our lifestyle changes. It also brought about a halt in various economic transactions, and confined everyone to the inside of their houses, thus leading to numerous transitions, opportunities, and disadvantages.

What Are The Importance of Ecommerce During COVID-19?

Fortunately, with the evolution of the digital space, everything was able to seamlessly make the shift to online platforms, and the scale of our economic transactions was maintained at a normal rate. So, how important was eCommerce during the covid-19 period, and for the boost of online selling? 

Ecommerce During COVID

The shopping boom- 

Various factors contributed to the massive shopping boom which led to the promotion of commerce and the retail apocalypse that we have come to know of today. Increased access to the internet, technological advances which have made the online shopping experience just as effortless as the physical one, have all added to the shopping boom, which subsequently led to the growing importance of eCommerce, even before covid-19 kicked in. 

How The Pandemic Fuelled ECommerce?

While the pandemic brought numerous operations to a standstill, the one industry that seemed to be growing exponentially under its effect. This can mainly be traced back to fact that most people were forced to stay inside their homes during the period of the pandemic, and eCommerce offered the only solution in terms of engaging in the most basic transactions like purchasing groceries to stock your fridge with. Ecommerce offered not only a solution to the current conundrum but also offered a sense of convenience throughout the process, thus prompting people to make the switch to making online purchases. 

Factors that will help maintain the same momentum 

For eCommerce sellers who are worried that their sales will decline in a post-covid situation, they needn’t really worry. Various aspects have contributed to projections which claim that the same volume in online shopping can be expected even once lockdowns and masks have become a distant dream. How so? Well, let’s take a look. 

  • Lingering covid fears: While the covid-19 pandemic may soon be over, the fears surrounding aren’t going away any time soon. Numerous lives were lost, and a lot of chaos resulted from the whole pandemic. As a result, the one thing we can ascertain is that these fears are going to last for a long time to come and that eCommerce will be preferred by the people who are still worried about the pandemic long after it has bid us adieu. 
  • Mobile eCommerce: Almost 70% of eCommerce transactions today are being conducted through the usage of mobile phones. Mobiles are easily accessible and can be used by consumers at any point in time, and at any place. So, the era of mobile commerce is here to prove that e-commerce isn’t going to lose its growing pace anytime soon. 
  • Change in tastes and preferences: The covid-19 pandemic has led to the shift in buying habits, tastes, and preferences of customers to a large extent. Even unwilling shoppers who have discovered online platforms due to the pandemic, and the superior level of convenience that it offers, have decided to make the shift towards online shopping. 


Ecommerce played an extremely prominent role during the covid-19 pandemic. It offered the entire world a one-stop solution to any and all problems that arose from our confinement to our very own homes. As a result, online shopping is set to be the new shopping gateway for most of us, and eCommerce is going to retain all the new consumers it brought on due to the pandemic. Indeed, most of us would agree that e-commerce proved to be a godsend during the difficult times that covid-19 posed on us, and none of us are letting go of online transactions anytime soon. 



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