Guide To Finding The Best Ecommerce Platform

Guide To Finding The Best Ecommerce Platform – Factors To Note!

An eCommerce platform is a software that allows you to build an online store. Choosing the perfect eCommerce platform is not an easy task. Because the market is wide.

Guide To Finding The Best Ecommerce Platform

From these wide varieties, how do you know which is best suited for your needs? Don’t worry. You are at the right place. Keep on reading this article till the end to know, how to select the best eCommerce platform that suits you.

Guide To Finding The Best Ecommerce Platform

Which eCommerce Platform Best Suits You?

Given below are some of the popular eCommerce businesses.

  • Shopify

It is the most well-known eCommerce platform. It is extremely easy to use and set up. The most important about Shopify is that it’s so versatile. Shopify makes it easy for you to sell products through your online stores or through any other online market place.

  • Wix stores

Wix is a website builder that allows you to create websites. Like Shopify, this eCommerce platform is very easy to use. Coding is not required for this, you can drag content anywhere on your site with the user-friendly editor. But keep in your mind that Wix is not a pure eCommerce platform. It is a website builder that is also capable of selling things. Another drawback of Wix is that you can’t change your site template once you have published your site.

  • 3D Cart

3D Cart is not nearly as popular as Shopify. But it’s a good option for advanced eCommerce users. Experienced persons can take advantage of 3D Cart easily. You need to have basic knowledge and understanding of coding and development.

  • Big-commerce

Big-commerce is an all in one eCommerce platform providing everything you need to sell online. It is similar to Shopify. The main advantage of this platform is that you won’t have to pay extra for functionalities. It also helps you to manage sales across multiple channels as well. Whether you are starting a new online store or scaling your small business to big eCommerce business, Bigcommerce is a solution for you to consider.

  • Opencart

This eCommerce platform provides everything you need to create and manage your online store. It’s not a website builder, it’s open-source software that you can install to add functionalities to your existing website. The admin dashboard of Opencart is very easy to use and interfere with. If you want to integrate anything with your online store, it will be available at the Opencart marketplace.

There are too many factors to take into account while choosing an eCommerce platform. You can also refer to our Kibo code review to understand the factors behind it.  The most important characteristics of an ideal eCommerce platform are

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy for beginners
  • Open source solutions
  • Customer support available
  • Web hosting and security

Selecting an eCommerce platform based on its popularity is not the best way. There are 5 different types of eCommerce platforms.

  • The Platform Developed by Yourself

This is not very common nowadays. If your website wants any special features or requirements, then this might be your only option.

  • Traditional Platforms

When you use this type of platform, you purchase a license fee upfront which you renew annually. Your developing team members will then customize on top of this platform and install into the cloud.

  • Open-source Platforms

It is similar to traditional platforms and the difference is that you don’t want to pay to take a license. However, you have to pay for development, implementation, and upgrades.

Cloud platforms are gloomy platforms. It is somewhat a combination of both traditional and open-source platforms.

  • SaaS Platforms

Software as a service(SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a third party host the software and makes available for customers.

We hope that you all got a guide for finding the best eCommerce platform through this article. Please leave your queries in the comment section given below and we will try our best to answer it.

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