5 Instagram Tools To Boost Your E-Commerce Sales (1)

5 Instagram Tools To Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

Social media marketing is all the rage these days, and for good reason too since it allows you to reach a wide audience and establish your E-commerce business through a trusted platform. Instagram, can be one such useful and trustworthy platform.

Best Tools To Boost E-commerce Sales

Over the years, this social media site has evolved to such a large extent, that it is quite possibly one of the best social media platforms for business owners to thrive in.

Best Tools To Boost E-commerce Sales

However, with the plethora of business owners waking up to the opportunities presented by Instagram, making your mark can often feel like an arduous task. Lucky for you, Instagram offers some truly neat tools that you too can make use of, and boost your E-commerce sales exponentially. 

  • Instagram story stickers – 

Getting your link across to followers and potential customers can often be a daunting task, especially since you can only put up on the link on your Instagram bio. Moreover, expecting to get discovered through the link on your bio is quite useless, since it usually works only if you have a particularly large follower base. This is where Instagram story stickers come into the picture. As an E-commerce firm on the platform, you will be presented with the opportunity to attach links to the products on your stories, and viewers can be directed to the website solely by clicking on the link. This is a particularly useful feature since most users watch stories, and any product with a high attention value can catch their eye and potentially boost your sales. 

  • Like2Buy – 

Sometimes, Instagram users may find a good product on the platform but may abandon the search for it because it requires them to open their browser and put in the details to even find your platform. However, with Like2Buy, you can eliminate this arduous process, and directly boost your sales by connecting customers to your website. Essentially, it converts likes into traffic to your website, since users can be directed to your bio in case they like your product, and then subsequently to the platform where you sell your products. 

  • Wishpond – 

Users love a good contest since it provides more engaging content for them, and an opportunity to win things. Wishpond allows you to capitalize precisely on this interest of theirs, by providing you a platform that is not only adaptable to any device but also curates an active community for your brand. When you start a content, for example, a hashtag contest, or a reposted contest, then Wishpond gives you an opportunity to collate all of the contest results and put them up in one place for any user to see and explore, thereby prompting them to check out your business as well as your products. 

  • Crowdfire – 

Crowdfire is an extremely popular social media manager, that is used by business owners worldwide. It allows you to market to only the demographic that you are targeting and that you think will respond to your products. By analyzing your Instagram account, it identifies the demographic that unfollowed you, thereby ensuring that you do not waste any resources trying to market to them, and by identifying the group that does follow your brand, you can ensure that you market to only those who are interested. This is of great help to business owners since it ensures that there is no wastage of resources and that every marketing effort bears some fruit. 

  • Instagram ads – 

Instagram ads have been recently launched, to ensure that E-commerce owners are provided with a marketplace to promote their products. As a result, this proves to be a great tool for business owners looking to boost their sales. All you have to do is convert your account to a business account, after which you will be presented with the opportunity to develop ads. Simply pick the type of campaign you want to run, and after having decided details such as the target audience, frequency, cost, et cetera, you will be able to increase your sale in no time. 


A social media giant such as Instagram poses a huge opportunity for E-commerce merchants who are looking to grow their market. So, make use of the above-mentioned tools and watch as your business is taken to new heights. 

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