Social Media Tips For Your eCommerce Sites

Social Media Tips For Your eCommerce Sites!

Why is social media important for your eCommerce business? The answer to this question is that social media is impacting how you do the business online in new and exciting ways. If you are running an eCommerce business, then probably you are aware of the increasing importance of social media in evolving your e-store. The opportunity to drive traffic from social media is alive and well. Read on this article ‘Social media tips for your eCommerce website’ till the end to know about the tactics in social media to make your eCommerce business success.

Essential Social Media Tips For Your eCommerce Sites

Social Media Tips For Your eCommerce Sites

Set up a Facebook and Twitter accounts for your website

The first step is to get Facebook and Twitter profiles for your website. Other social media like Instagram can also be used. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular and effective social media for marketing.

Invest in Facebook ads

Facebook offers a variety of ads or eCommerce websites. They started with boosted posts then turned the top-performing post into an ongoing ad campaign. The steps to be done are

  • Create the Facebook page for your business or brand
  • Create an ads manager account
  • Set up payments
  • Understand the tools and features by implementing eCommerce business using Kibo Code reviews

Setup the sharing button in a unique place

Instead of setting the sharing button in the same place as in all other sites, place it uniquely. For example, after a customer giving a review on your site, give them the option to share their reviews on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Interactions with your followers

Social media is the best platform through which you can interact with your customers and followers. Live chats are perfect for having real-time conversations. Building a relationship with influencers also does good for your website. That is people with a huge number of followers can boost a brand’s reach and trust factor.

Include product videos

Videos are an excellent way to increase sales. Viewers like to view the detailed video of the product that they are going to purchase. Apart from adding product videos on your site, add videos in social media like youtube. This increases your social media presence. People like to share videos and this gives more publicity to your product.

Track people in social media

There are many sites and links to give excellent click analytics for you. If you share a link in social media, you can track and see how many people are clicking and seeing the contents in the link. The more you know about your followers and customers, you can do more things in your business which are useful for you and attractive to them.

Be consistent in social media

Consistently post your content on social media. It improves customer engagement and drives more traffic to your website. Consistency shows that you are interested in sharing valuable content with your customers and it also increases their trust with you. There are several tools available today to schedule your postings. You can use such tools and can pre-schedule the posts to make this process easier.

Integrating your social media and eCommerce website makes competitions critical. If you have done the right strategies, then you can drive more traffic to your site and increased the conversion rate. We hope that you all got the right pieces of information regarding the social media and eCommerce website relationship. Please let us know your comments in the comments section below and we will try our best to reach out to you.

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