3 Techniques Amazon Uses To Drive Ecommerce Traffic & Conversions

3 Techniques Amazon Uses To Drive Ecommerce Traffic & Conversions

Amazon, the big e-commerce giant that most of us have come to know of, has eaten into a large chunk of the market share, and today, has established itself as a trustworthy name in the eCommerce market. In fact, Amazon is a household name for most online shoppers, and quite a few smaller eCommerce stores make use of it to sell their products too.

How Amazon Doesn’t Want You To Know About Driving Ecommerce Traffic & Conversions

This leaves a lot of eCommerce sites wishing they too had the market space and customer loyalty that Amazon has built itself. Well, this can indeed be a reality. By following the neat tricks that Amazon does not want you to know, your eCommerce business can get just the boost it needs, and truly engage with current and potential buyers. 

Ecommerce Traffic

  • Maintaining EAT quality – 

Google recently launched the EAT quality, as a parameter which its algorithm will be using, to scour through the data of eCommerce websites and ascertain their legibility, thereby determining their ranks on search results pages. EAT, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness, form a checklist of sorts, for business as well as bots to monitor content. You may improve the EAT quality of your website by ensuring that every process involved in the journey through your website is a credible one. Automating the entire process, adding in all the required information regarding your business as well as your editors can help put out an image of your brand which calls for trustworthiness. Engaging with customers through reviews, FAQs, user-generated content, et cetera is another way to improve your EAT quality. Watch out for the kind of content you put out and invest in high-quality technical security so that your eCommerce store truly harnesses the power of EAT.

  • Driving up traffic and conversion rates – 

Leveraging facilities that allow your business to truly engage with customers can help with the improvement of the traffic to your online store, and can even boost conversion rates. The key to boosting traffic is to invest in effective SEO strategies, and regularly post engaging content such as video content, blog posts, or even social media content, which ensures that the attention of your customers remains high. By thus coaxing them into visiting your site, you should then take measures to boost up conversion rates. This can be done through strategic placement of CTAs, using the power of FAQs, reviews, testimonials, ratings of the sellers as well as a chance to connect with the seller, along with maintaining high web security, can ensure that your conversion rates remain high. 

  • Optimizing your product page – 

Optimizing your product page is the key to driving up traffic as well as improving your conversion rates. In fact, almost 91% of the market’s buyers have revealed that the product page plays a huge role in determining their buying behavior. As a result, you can harness the power of product pages by creating effective ones. Video tutorials on how to use the product, features of the product, detailed descriptions, reviews and ratings, high-resolution images, and ease of navigating the product page are all very critical in creating the right product page that contributes to high conversion rates. 


Amazon follows these strategies to boost up its foot traffic, and if it seems to be working for such a big eCommerce giant, then it is sure to show some positive results for your eCommerce store as well. The key to truly driving up traffic is by creating the kind of content that would grab the attention of potential buyers, and with the strategic placement of features on your website, you can subsequently improve your conversion rates as well. 


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