Which Are The Apps That Make You Money For Losing Weight

Which Are The Apps That Make You Money For Losing Weight?

Different studies have proved that every person has their own motivational factor when it comes to losing weight. For example, sometimes, the reason can be they want to wear their favorite clothes, or some may want to avoid different health issues.

4 Top Apps To Make Money For Losing Weight

However, some people face challenges in finding the proper motivation to step into their weight loss journey. And due to that, they don’t get the desired results from it. But how about earning money while losing weight? It may sound like something magical, but it is a fact. And a little money in your pocket can be a perfect motivational factor for you.

4 Top Apps To Make Money For Losing Weight


There are some sites and apps that allow users to bet on a certain weight goal and pay off when they attain the goals. So, are you looking for such apps? Don’t look here and there as we have mentioned some of the best apps here using which you can earn money for losing your weight. Explore them now. 

Healthy Wage

This is one of the most popular weight loss apps which you can make some money. Speaking about how the app works, you need to choose the weight you want to lose and then decide the money you want to wager. Using the in-app prize calculator, you can evaluate the total amount of money you can win by accomplishing your target. Then you need to decide the time you can give for this. The payout of this app is good. There will be no points conversion option, and you will only get cash.


This is a perfect way to get paid for attaining fitness goals and losing weight. Available for both iOS and Android users, to use this app, you need to connect your fitness device to it, and it will begin tracking and recording the progress. When you reach your weekly goals, you will be the winner. The payment will be made through the point system, and you can convert those points into PayPal payments without any issues. If you are using its normal subscription plan, then StepBet will keep 15 percent of your earnings. You can keep 100 percent if you go for its full membership games. 


This is another legitimate app that lets users earn money while losing weight. Well, you will not earn much, but by achieving the goals, you can win a sizable amount. To win cash, you need to choose between a long-term or short-term goal, and you can choose between three different weight loss programs. These are Maintainer, Transformer, and Kickstarter. The app charges different fees, like 

  • 10 percent fee when you bet more than USD 500
  • 25 percent fee when you bet less than USD 100
  • 15 percent if you bet USD 250 to USD 500. 

The app’s long-term challenges will make it easier for you to win weight loss rewards. Download it now. 


Use this app, lose weight and earn points that you can redeem for rewards. Per day, you can earn around 80 points for different tracked activities, for example, walking, running, biking. Besides, by meditating, one can earn up to 6 points. Well, it can take around five to eight days to earn rewards. For every 10,000 points, you will get USD 10 reward. Both iOS and Android users can use this app.


Download these apps, and begin your journey of weight loss. Do you know what the best thing about using these apps is?  You will not just earn money; you will also keep yourself healthy and avoid different obesity-related health issues by reducing your weight. Use them now. 

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